Restaurant Pluto is not limited to the restaurant in central Copenhagen but also offers a wine bar with a modern and incredibly luscious wine list.

The wine bar is an integrated part of the restaurant where you are always able to order the same dishes and snacks that is served for the guest seated in the restaurant; however, at the wine bar you have a direct route to the wine list of Pluto with a wide selection of wine by the glass or bottle.

Pluto Wine Bar has its own entrance separate from the main restaurant Pluto at Borgergade, however the style, the servings and the wines are exactly the same, spiced with the serving in a more intimate setting.

At Pluto Wine Bar you may enjoy a single glass from one the best wine selections in Copenhagen and the freedom to order Plutos classic 10-course family style serving. The bar fully utilizes the room and creates room for parties that wish to enjoy the amazing wine list of the restaurant without the need to reserve the entire evening for all servings or a set wine menu.

Restaurant Pluto has at great length been well known in the night life of Copenhagen. The bar is not the main actor as the wine list contains relevantly interesting wines that will amaze most wine enthusiasts. Furthermore, at Pluto Wine Bar we offer a wide selection of wines that accommodates different preferences – in relation to the sort of grapes, age, origin and budget.

The central location in Copenhagen, the reputation and the high standard obligate to present a comparable atmosphere and the same unpretentious settings at Pluto Wine Bar as our restaurant is well known for. Therefore, we have preserved the cool, New-York inspired setting and the family style dining concept, combined with the atmosphere that arises when sitting in intimate and spacious surrounding.

As a guest at Pluto Wine Bar, you may expect the intimacy that arises when seated close to the heart of the restaurant, that both kitchen and bar represent. The atmosphere is more intense and the possibility for small talk with the waiter and bartender about the cocktails or the wine selection happens naturally.

Pluto is well known both inside and outside of Copenhagen. One of the things Pluto is known for is the award of Bib Gourmand by Michelin, based upon the quality of the food and the price point, where most culinary interested Danes and tourist can sustain. Pluto Wine Bar is nothing less the a crowd-magnet, that creates settings accommodating several guests and companies that can experience the atmosphere, gastronomy and a wine list of exceptional quality, in the heart of Copenhagen’s vibrant night life.